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Meet Arthur Chantler

My courses are in the here and now. Why is that important? Because over the years how online courses were presented and their content has changed.

It wasn’t so long ago that information in general was scattered and scarce. In the first ten years or so of this century, just putting a ton of information into a single package or course was enough to provide a meaningful shortcut. So people were happy to pay top dollar just to have access to it.

However, once information became abundant, the new shortcut that people wanted was convenience. They didn’t just want to have all of the information compiled, they wanted the information curated for them. People didn’t want to waste time on anything they didn’t need to know. And they wanted to learn whenever it suited their schedule. So a short, concise course was the answer. And that worked for several years…

Suddenly, new online courses were everywhere. Now the premium wasn’t on convenience so much as it was about the course’s ability to hold your attention, so you’d actually complete it and achieve your goal.

So how do I get people to complete a course?

The first step is to create courses with gamification features like cash register sound effects, confetti unicorn animations, and reward points racked up for watching lessons. However what this does essentially is just to motivate you to complete tasks that you already know how to do.

The final step, and this is the direction courses are currently taking, is to have you achieve the goal or outcome you seek. That might seem to be a given but many courses before have left the client to find their own way to the desired outcome. I know that at the end of the day, what people want to pay for is a shortcut to achieve their goals in less time, at less cost, and with less risk of failure than they would have without my help.

Confusion and Overwhelm reign. Where do you start?

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