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Arthur is a coach
with a world of life experience

Which he brings to the clients in a way that serves them.
He is also an Internet Marketer.

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What Makes Arthur Different

My course “From Failure to Launch to achieving Mission Impossible”, has been crafted to move you logically through phases starting with identifying, and then working on removing, your roadblocks. The impact of your thoughts, your inherited behaviours and more are explained and practical guidance and tools are given to allow you to be open to receiving the wealth you desire.*

You will learn that it is not how many hours you spend grinding away that will bring you results (though do not mistake me, action is required) but what you spend that time on. If you get to the end of the day and find that most of the items on your To Do list are still “Pending” then you will be excited to learn how you can at least 2X your productivity and also learn to control Procrastination and Distractions that steal away your precious hours.

Of course it’s not really about the money but the benefits that having extra money can bring such as Time Freedom, freedom to do the things you really want to do, with whoever you want to do that with, such as your spouse and/or children. We will deep dive into your WHY. You may be surprised (and grateful) to find out what can really drive you towards your goals
This can be the biggest breakthrough for you in the whole course. You will receive tools to help you work the magic that is contained in really knowing your why.

At the end of the course we will celebrate your wins and also review the question of ‘Where to now?’

*Prior to starting the course you will undertake a quiz and assessment of where you see yourself on this life journey. We will revisit this throughout the course to ensure you are on track to achieving your goals.


What’s Included

The “From Failure to Launch to Mission Accomplished” is a 5-week Live coaching program in 4 modules that is designed to allow clients to ‘break through’ their roadblocks and put them on the path to achieving their goals.


Module 1 - Beliefs: The Power of the Unconscious Mind

limiting beliefs hidden deep in your psyche are holding you back,You will be guided in how to unveil them and how to eliminate them, replacing them with positive beliefs that allow you to break through and move forward. As subliminal messaging is provided to assist your progress.


Module 3 - Purpose: Your WHY

You will understand that knowing why you want what you define in your vision is and how documenting this will be a powerful motivator. Together we will drill down to the core, to find the heart of your purpose.


Module 2 - Vision: The Future You

 importance of the need to know where you want to ‘go’, what you want to have is explained, with coaching to draw out your vision, making it real so it drives you forward.


Module 4 - Strategy: Its Only Up from Here

Despite all the above, nothing will be achieved without Action. The science of effective planning is explained. You will learn the source of Distractions and how to eliminate them, stop Procrastination and mitigate Fears. You will be guided through making your own individual plan knowing that actions repeated so that they become habits will overcome the inertia you may currently feel and go on to do what you should do when you should do it.

During the course you will have access to a private Facebook Community
of likeminded individuals.

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Meet Arthur Chantler

My courses are in the here and now. Why is that important? Because over the years how online courses were presented and their content has changed.

It wasn’t so long ago that information in general was scattered and scarce. In the first ten years or so of this century, just putting a ton of information into a single package or course was enough to provide a meaningful shortcut. So people were happy to pay top dollar just to have access to it.

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My free eBook will get you started on the Road to Freedom, introducing you to the style and direction of Arthur's coaching.

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